My life outside books

I started blogging more than ten years ago. I started with, changed to (RIP), then Tumblr, then WordPress. This isn’t my first WordPress page, I had a couple that I don’t use anymore. Some I closed and some I switched to private. I started ‘Her Other Stories’ because I wanted a more professional blog where I can talk about books and travelling without too much personal stuff.

The reason for this is because my previous blogs got really personal and some people I knew reacted to my posts. However, I’m struggling with ‘Her Other Stories’. I don’t feel connected to the writing. I like how it is represented, but I don’t have the same drive I had in the past when I write now. I constantly think to be ‘professional’ and ‘don’t get personal’. As a result, I just wrote a small number of posts since it was first launched.

So, I decided to change my attitude towards the blog. I want the blog to represent me. My ideas, my thoughts, my beliefs. I am aware that those things are fluid. We change as we experience new things every day. What I believe today might not be the same as what I believed last year. Just like my taste and choice in books, I keep changing too. I think the best way to write is not ‘to get personal’, but ‘don’t get too emotional that you ramble nonsense’.

I want to talk about things that concern me: education, politics, social issues, religions, relationships, feminism. I want to talk and I want to have conversation. I hope this will be a good drive for me to write more.

This is me and my dog, Lulu, the picture was taken two years ago, and many things have changed. I left my country and Lulu (she’s staying with my parents and sister who spoil her rotten). I started another higher education journey which I really enjoy (so I might talk about my study, Applied Linguistics, here too). I am in a very healthy relationship with a really wonderful man (wonderful = never forgets to bring me my fave milk tea), and I left my job (man, having no steady income at this age is torture!).

But some things don’t change. My family and my closest friends are the core of my universe. My world can spin uncontrollably but as long as they are there, I know I can endure anything thrown at me. I hope this blog will also be something like that. A place where I can go and just be myself.

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