A Day in Oxford

People had been telling me how beautiful Oxford was and now I will keep telling people how beautiful Oxford is. ⁣

We simply fell in love with the city. We had Italian food in a castle that used to be a prison. Then a long walk around the Christ Church and enjoying the meadow and the cool breeze. We visited the botanical garden. Sipping coffee while watching people punting is definitely fun. Last, we went inside the Christ Church – the queue was long (they only give three hours for visitors during the exam term because this is the home of some Oxford students) but it was worth it. For Harry Potter fans, you probably know that the building is used as the set for the filming. 😊⁣

Oxfordshire’s motto is ‘Sapare Aude’ which means ‘Dare to be Wise’. It can also loosely translated to ‘Dare to think for yourself!’. It was originally used by the Roman poet, Horace in the First Book of Letters (20 BC).⁣

The phrase is the moral to a story in which a fool waits for stream to cease flowing, before attempting to cross it. In the saying ‘Dimidium facti, qui coepit, habet; sapere aude, incipe. (“He who has begun is half done; dare to know; begin!”), Horace suggests the value of human endeavour, of persistence in reaching a goal, of the need of for effort to overcome obstacles. ⁣

I think that this is exactly the phrase I need these days. Keep going. Persist. Don’t give up. We are halfway there. When I doubt myself, scared and intimidated, I’m lucky enough to have people in my life that push me forward. An excursion to Oxford also served as a good reminder. 😊♥️⁣

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  1. I visited Oxford some 9 years back..thank you reviving those memories… oxford is such a cute tiny town straight out of fairytale!!!


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