The Married Life

I closed the year 2019 with a new chapter in my life. I am now a wife to the most wonderful man and I couldn’t be any happier. I have to pinch myself sometimes!

We had our wedding in a registry office in Camden and then a small gathering in a pub close to our flat. It was a small wedding but very intimate. Our close friends and my sister and brother-in-law were there to celebrate with us. None of our parents could make it (we live abroad from our home country) but they watched the ceremony live. 🙂

Until today, it’s still hard for me to believe that I HAVE a husband. Saying ‘my husband…’ in a conversation feels so unreal! At the moment, we are in a long-distance relationship due to COVID. I was in Indonesia to renew my visa when my country initiated a lockdown. As a result, my application got pended midway. He couldn’t come to pick me up, and we cancelled our short honeymoon to Bali. ‘Until further notice’ is the answer I keep giving when people asked about my situation. Haha.

We have done LDR before so this isn’t new to us. What’s new, obviously, is the global pandemic and the uncertainty we are facing. I’m freaking out about not knowing and he, being a champ, remains calm and reminds me that everything is temporary. I think the word ‘temporary’ has a negative connotation in my head now. LOL

However, we keep ourselves busy with work and hobbies. I paint more, digitally and manually, and have received some commission works! I would love to share it here someday!

This concludes my first post in 2020. I hope to be more present here as I’m taking a break from bookstagram.



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